11oz Premium Photo Mug

All of our ceramic mugs are coated using high quality coatings that have been independently tested to over 2000 cycles and they’ve been confirmed 100% dishwasher proof. Unlike other mugs that fade after a few cycles in a dishwasher our coated mugs will simply not fade, GUARANTEED!

  • High quality gloss coating
  • Scratch resistant
  • Tested to over 2000 washes
  • Straight edged 
  • Triple A quality
  • 11oz volume

Product Pricing

11oz Photo Mugs 

Prices £3.75

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11oz Photo Mug Template

Size: 1589 x 661 pixels

Resolution: 200 dpi

Colour Space: RGB

File Type: JPG or PNG

How To Design For 11oz Mugs

Product Mock-up Files

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Please note the mock-up files are quite large so download accordingly. 

Watch The Mock-up Video

11oz Mug Mock-up 1

11oz Mug Mock-up 2

11oz Mug Mock-up 3

11oz Mug Mock-up 4

11oz Mug Mock-up 5

11oz Mug Mock-up 6

11oz Mug Mock-up 7

11oz Mug Mock-up 8