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Following the successful 18-month run of our V2 software in the USA, we're excited to announce its upgrade in the UK. This shift promises significant enhancements for you. Please note, we'll keep V1 operational on Gift Flow until January, ensuring a smooth transition. You can switch to V2 whenever you're ready to embrace its advantages.

What does V2 offer?

V2 revolutionises how you manage your ETSY store. It enables direct product linking, including personalized items, streamlining your workflow, and enriching your store's capabilities.

Enhanced ETSY Integration

Streamlined Product Design: Effortlessly create and upload your designs directly to your ETSY Store via our portal. This feature saves you hours by eliminating the need for repeated uploads.
Advanced Personalization Options: Elevate your ETSY listings with comprehensive personalization capabilities, including customizable text and images.

Automated Order Processing: Say goodbye to manual inputs. Orders from ETSY seamlessly sync into the app, streamlining address input and payment details.

Flexible Artwork Management: Gain control over your orders with the ability to hold them for artwork adjustments. Easily swap images or modify text before final approval.

Efficient Shipping Automation: Our V2 update ensures ETSY orders are automatically updated with tracking numbers upon shipment.

Adaptive Order Control: Enjoy the flexibility to put orders on hold or cancel them, accommodating customer changes seamlessly.

Robust Image Library: Conveniently upload and store images in your portal for future use on products.

Versatile Product Linking: Easily link any of your products, whether from other suppliers or your manual ETSY creations, for efficient processing through the app.

Automated Mock-Up Creation: When you design a product, the app instantly generates a variety of mock-ups, ready for use in your ETSY store.

Elevate your ETSY experience with these powerful, time-saving features!

Shopify Integration
In addition to the features mentioned earlier, our V2 software also enhances your Shopify store experience:

Enhanced Personalisation: V2 introduces live personalisation options on your store. Customers can now add their own text, upload images, and more. These personalized orders will directly integrate with your portal, where you have the flexibility to approve them manually or set them to auto-approve. The choice is entirely yours, ensuring a seamless and customized shopping experience for your customers.

Manual Ordering Made Easy

For those without an online store, or if you prefer placing orders manually, our service has got you covered:

Effortless Manual Orders: Simply register on our portal and place your orders directly through the software. Choose your shipping address, and we'll take care of the processing and shipping.
Flexible Product Options: Create products on-the-fly for specific orders or choose from your pre-designed product range for quick and easy selection. Our system is designed for your convenience and ease of use.

The above is just a fraction of what our software can do and we look forward to bringing you even more news soon.